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Trip Report – May 2014

Cerulean Warbler

Comments: We have been to Point Pelee many times – this is the summary of a trip we did in May 2014 because we added on the side trip for Kirtland’s Warbler. There is a great deal of information on line about this hot spot and the best way to bird it is to move around the area based on what has been seen that day – so if you are going, stay flexible.

Day 1:We arrived in Windsor, picked up our car and headed to our first stop which was only about 15 minutes from the airport at Ojibway Prairie Complex. They have feeders here which provided a good opportunity for many of the more common species and great views of Red-bellied Woodpecker and Tufted Titmouse amongst others. Onto the Days Inn in Leamington.

Prothonotary Warbler

Days 2,3,4,5: The routine for these days didn’t vary much: – Into Point Pelee National Park for dawn – park as far south as parking would allow and then onto the bus down to the tip to see what had just arrived after crossing Lake Eerie on their northward spring migration. Different overnight winds determine the number and species that arrive each morning and constant scanning of the park offered up an enormous number of species. After going around the tip we then walked back up towards the visitor’s center taking different routes to pick up species that had been seen. Some days we were down there all day and some days we switched between the park, driving the agricultural fields outside the park and crossing to Hillman’s Marsh, 15 minutes from the park. This marsh is great for shorebirds, ducks, geese, raptors and also passerines. As I mentioned above, we really went with the flow based on what had been seen and how busy each location was. Days Inn in Leamington.

Kirtland’s Warbler

Day 6 & 7: We left Point Pelee and spent the first day working our way through Michigan to Grayling where we were staying. The following morning, we headed out early to meet our guides from the US forest Service and Audubon’s Society that were taking us to see Kirtland’s Warbler. We started at the visitor’s centre and enjoyed an interesting presentation on the birds before driving into an area where they are known to nest. It was cold and we waited for quite a while – we were beginning to give up hope but finally enjoyed some great views of this amazing bird. Night in Grayling.



There are numerous hotels and motels in both Leamington and Grayling most of which are pretty much the same.

Guides & Resources

Guides: As expert NA birders we don’t use guides in Pelee

Field Guide: Sibley’s Field Guide and/or app

For Kirtland’s Warbler contact here.

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